Polish Saudi Business Council proudly represents in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Oman more than 70 companies (private as well as state-owned) from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovenia and Germany. The total annual turnover of the companies from our portfolio is counted in billions of Euro. In Ukraine we cooperate with our strategic Partner, ICC Ukraine.

What do we do as the Polish Saudi Business Council?

  • We develop trade exchange between Europe and GCC Countries
  • We open GCC countries market for European companies
  • We support companies, partners and government institutions in Europe and GCC Countries
  • We leverage culture understanding and eliminate trade barriers
  • We develop the cooperation between chambers of commerce and councils from Europe and GCC Countries. 

We are active in following sectors:

  • Energy
  • Oil and gas
  • Agriculture and food production
  • Construction and finishing materials
  • Finance – investments
  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Finishing and building materials
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Medical services and equipment
  • Telecom & IT
  • Human Resources

We support the cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian companies and develop their cooperation in Poland as well as in Western Europe.

Polish Saudi Business Council participates in cooperation with Ministries of Agriculture of selected Arabic countries in the development of the Food Security Programmes created by the biggest Arabic countries.

We are involved at each stage of the process

  • Identification of land/ food processing factory to be purchased or rented
  • Executing the transaction, setting up necessary entities, JV’s, etc.
  • Establishing contacts and supervision over business partners directly involved in primary production
  • Supervising secondary processing of agricultural products
  • Organization of exports of the goods to the country of destination
  • Full legal and administrative support

Polish Saudi Business Council is supported by global institutions.

  • Globally Recognized Tier 1 Law Firm – over 75 locations in 50+ countries
  • Globally Recognized British Bank
  • Globally Recognized company which provides audit, tax & advisory services

Marek Gawlik

Chairman Polish Saudi Business Council

V-President ICC Ukraine

Address: Poland/ Ukraine

Belwederska  Str. 44B/30                                      Reytarska Str. 19B

00-594 Warszawa                                                   01034 KYIV

tel. +48 22 12 110 21                                             tel. +380 44 234 42 73

tel: +48 603 702 872                                              tel. +380 50 385 51 30






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