13 Aug

Association “Ukrainian National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce” (ICC Ukraine) informs that session of the Round table “Investments in energy efficiency of Ukraine and challenges with their attraction” (hereinafter – Round table) will be held on September 10, 2015 under the patronage of ICC Ukraine, public association “Energy Initiative of Ukraine” and the Institute of Bioenergy Crops and Sugar Beet.

Representatives of ukrainian and international business, which develop or plan to realize projects in the area of alternative energy of Ukraine, investors, international donors, scientists, representatives of civil society interested in the development of energy sector of Ukraine are invited to this event.

To participate in the Round table, please complete the participation form and prepare a report according to the scheme.

Venue – meetingroomoftheLawfirm “Asters”, 19-21 Bohdan Khmelnytskii Str., Business Center “Leonardo”, 14th floor.

Contact persons at ICC Ukraine:

– Mr. Igor Gres, Vice-Chairman: +38 (044) 272-64-06, e-mail: grib@iccua.org;

– Ms. Elizabeth Havrylenko, Deputy Director of the Foreign Economic Activities Deartment: +38 (044) 279-70-08, e-mail: impex@iccua.org.

More information http://iccua.org/event/session-of-the-round-table-investments-in-energy-efficiency-of-ukraine-and-challenges-with-their-attraction/