ICC Ukraine for Business

Programs for business

– “Partnership of Countries” aimed at promoting foreign economic activities through the partnership network in 90 countries.

– “Single Window – Local Solutions” developed for simplifying international trade procedures.

– “BASCAP” – Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy – operating to protect intellectual property rights.

Opening of new markets

– Searching for business partners through the network of the International Chamber of Commerce;

– Arranging bilateral meetings of business partners and events in Ukraine and abroad;

– Advising on certain service providers (legal support, market inquiry, insurance, logistics services, etc.);

– Analysing the current industry structure and trade volumes within EU – Ukraine;

– Arranging the participation in specialized business events and exhibitions.


– Supporting investment projects at regional and industrial levels;

– Facilitating the opening of Ukrainian enterprises abroad;

– Legal support is provided by the advisors – partner companies leading in the market ()

– consultations on investments and doing business in Ukraine;

– support of the attracting and making of investments;

– Due Diligence of investment targets;

– protection of business and investments;

– representation in courts and other state authorities.

– Elaborating and introducing complex technical projects and business plans;

– Providing expert opinion / information and analytical reports on service providers and/or goods producers;

– Specialized consulting on problematic issues;

– Research of national and foreign markets ()

– analysis of market volume;

– review of proposals (including the store check)

– positioning and pricing;

– competition analysis;

– evaluation of sales channels;

– assessment of risks when entering new markets.

– support of shipments and customs clearance

Informational support and advertising:

– Using ICC Ukraine brand for promoting a partner’s brand;

– Advertising ICC Ukraine’s partners on its website (logo with the hyperlink to partner’s website in “Recommended Partners” section, placement of advertising banners);

– Placement of news and announcements about public appearances and events arranged by partners in “News” and “Events” sections on ICC Ukraine’s website;

– Weekly newsletter posting through ICC Ukraine’s base informing about event/services/goods of partners;

– Advertising in ICC Ukraine’s periodicals;

– Arranging briefings, press-conferences, and roundtables with the mass media invited;

– Planning, preparing and holding PR-campaigns and events;

– Taking part in public events (roundtables, press-conferences, and business forums) arranged and held by ICC Ukraine and its partners.

Visa Support

ICC Ukraine’s member companies shall receive a recommendation letter with a member-company’ name, and names and titles of the employees applying for a visa, specified on the letterhead. The document is attached to the general set of documents to be submitted to the embassy.

The service is available only for the employees of ICC Ukraine’s member companies who want to obtain a business visa within the framework of a member program.

ICC Ukraine offers the following actual services:

– “ICC Books and Publications” – professional publications for bankers and experts in foreign economic activities.

– “Verification of export-import documents” – verification of documents in accordance with bilateral agreements.

– “Anti-Corruption and Commercial Crimes Bureau” – checking and reaffirming business partners’ reputation and credibility.

– “International Court of Arbitration, Paris” – protecting the interests of national producers in international arbitration institutions.

Trainings on the following topics:

– Export marketing and management (with leading experts in export marketing activities);

– New business practices on global trading platforms;

– Assessment of an enterprise and training needs of its personnel;

– Support and implementation of youth programs with the help of voluntary service organizations engaged through a tender process, cooperation with higher education establishments for getting the most talented youth involved in economic and social life of the country.