Course Code: 002-2

Partnership of Countries Program   Partnership of Countries is a program of ICC Ukraine aimed at developing international cooperation through the implementation in Ukraine of the best global trends for conducting  business. The program’s main objective is to provide a proactive platform in order to maintain and strengthen economic, investment and trade relationships between Ukrainian  and foreign companies.   The program also aims at strengthening interaction between the National Committees of the International Chamber of Commerce in 93 countries.

  The program is implemented in the following areas:

- organizing and conducting International business missions in Ukraine and abroad

- organizing thematic business

- sessions , forums , roundtables, economic missions

- supporting national enterprises in preparing  documents and  project’s presentations (PPT) for setting  up dialogue with the foreign partners

- promoting   Ukrainian projects on the international markets

- providing expert and legal support to foreign companies

- organizing  B2B reliable partnerships

- participating in  the World   Congresses  and Forums  organized by ICC and WCF

- interacting  with ministries, local authorities  and  expert institutions in the field of international cooperation.

    The strategic priorities of the program:

- facilitating the increase of competitiveness of national businesses

- cementing the positive  international image of Ukraine.  

Contacts for cooperation

Volodymyr Mykhailov   – program coordinator,

Secretary General of ICC Ukraine

Тел.    + 38 044 2344273