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BASCAP (Business action to stop counterfeiting and piracy) - is operating a business initiative to suspend the ICC counterfeiting and piracy

BASCAP - this is the current ICC initiative, which brings together companies from all business sectors and different countries in dealing with the production of counterfeit goods and piracy. BASCAP develop documents that explain to governments, the public and the media, how important is the protection of intellectual property rights, and talk about the risks and consequences of production, distribution and purchase of counterfeit goods on the economy and population. The organization has established a center of information gathering, data communications and investigations, and appeals to political leaders calling for decisive action, and uses a variety of strategies to adoption of coercive measures for all sectors of the economy. Led BASCAP is a group which consists of the leaders of the world's largest companies.

The initiative is implemented in the following areas:

• organization of conferences, forums, roundtables, where the business community can interact with leading experts on intellectual property rights, government representatives and other interested market participants; • distributing materials that explain the business community, which affected piracy and counterfeiting, the need for measures to protect intellectual property rights; • Market research intellectual property rights in Ukraine; • Interaction with copyright holders and aid in the detection of cases of counterfeiting and piracy; • educational activities among the general population.

Strategic priorities of the program:

• raise awareness and understanding of the negative effects of counterfeiting and piracy society; • revitalization of public authorities in order to strengthen the protection of intellectual property; • initiating cultural change in society in order to strengthen respect for intellectual property rights and to prevent counterfeiting and piracy.

Products BASCAP:

• information exchange system (by sector, organizations and countries); • research on counterfeiting and piracy; • measures to protect the interests internationally; • information campaigns; • Library materials BASCAP; • media center that distributes newsletters, press releases, videos and more.


BASCAP member can be any organization or company, big or small, which leads or wants to lead an active fight against counterfeiting and piracy.

Contacts for cooperation

Antonina Pakharenko-Anderson - coordinator of the initiative ICC / BASCAP in Ukraine

Vice-President of the ICC Ukraine on Intellectual Property

Tel. + 38 044 593 9693