Head of the Commission:    Veronika Berezanska

E-mail: v.berezanskaya@pakharenko.com.ua, pakharenko@pakharenko.com.ua

Tel:        +380 44 593 96 93

Fax:       +380 44 451 40 48


Commission’s priorities:

–          enhancement of the role of intellectual property as a tool to promote innovations and raise competitiveness of the Ukrainian economy;

–          assisting in combating counterfeiting and piracy.


Promoting the development of the public policy of the use of intellectual property as a strategic resource in the system of formation of national wealth and raising competitiveness of our country’s economy, facilitation of its innovational development and integration into the global economic environment.

Activities planned for 2015

  • organization of educational activities among business community related to protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights;
  • carrying out  social events in the frames of the educational campaign titled “Anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy days in Ukraine” under the slogans “I Buy Real!”, “I Don’t Buy Fakes!” aimed at protection of intellectual property rights, supporting national manufacturer and raising public awareness regarding the negative consequences of manufacture and dissemination of counterfeit and pirated products for each separate individual and for the country’s economy as a whole;
  • organization of events with participation of international experts and officials of the Ukraine’s government authorities dedicated to the issues of combating counterfeiting and piracy, aimed at improvement of the system of protection of intellectual property rights in our country, creating conditions for attracting direct foreign investment, promotion of innovation activity, technology transfer, commercialization of inventive activity, supporting small and medium enterprises, protection of consumers’ rights and interests;
  • promoting implementation of legislative mechanisms of combating counterfeiting and piracy.