ICC Ukraine provides certification of partner creadibility, according to the Regulation “On the International Certificate of partnership creadibility.”

“International certificate of partnership credibility” – issued by the ICC Ukraine document is an official recognition of recipient confirmation as a reliable partner for maintenance and development of economic relations in Ukraine and abroad and gives him the right to be recommended by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and its national committees.

During certification ICC Ukraine experts  analyze the reliability of company – a set of quantitative and qualitative indicators of the financial-economic status and reputation of the company at the date of assessment as to indicate a certain level the applicant meets the legal provisions governing its operations and allow to some extent predict the likelihood of the applicant of its obligations to the state and third parties in the future.

“Date of the recognition reliability of partnership” – the date of adoption of the Resolution of the Board meeting of ICC Ukraine on approval of the consolidated expert opinion of applicant grounds to issue an international certificate of partnership reliability (Certificate), where applicant is recognized as trusted partner.

The basic principles of safety certification procedures partnership (hereinafter – “Certification”) are:
– Voluntary certification procedures applicants passing their security partner for their initiative;
– Use of common methodological and software technology background;
– Qualified independent expertise and information resources to attract competent state authorities and local governments;
– Legality and respect for legitimate interests of the applicants;
– Use only information that is documented and substantiated not constitute a trade secret under the current legislation of Ukraine;
– Policy defined by the applicant as confidential.