ID Course Name Program Responsible
002-2 Partnership of Countries Partnership of Countries is a program of ICC Ukraine aimed at developing international cooperation through the implementation in Ukraine of the best global trends for conducting business. Volodymyr Mykhailov
001-2 Investing in People Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Ukraine) has initiated the program Оlga Revina
003-2 GREENERGY Initiative GREENERGY Initiative is an ICC Ukraine Program, which aims at green economy development in Ukraine through the implementation of the best global practices in cooperation with the international community. GREENERGY Initiative follows the guidelines of the “Green Economy Roadmap”, developed by ICC headquarters as the reference for business, politicians and society to encourage sustainable growth. Kateryna Bogacheva
004-2 Single window The issue of trade facilitation are increasingly important for Ukraine. Measures to simplify trade procedures have been adopted as one of the priorities of the state program development. Their primary purpose is to streamline the market mechanisms of supply chain security, elimination of bureaucratic and administrative barriers that are prerequisites for corruption. Oleg Platonov
005-2 BASCAP BASCAP - this is the current ICC initiative, which brings together companies from all business sectors and different countries in dealing with the production of counterfeit goods and piracy. BASCAP develop documents that explain to governments, the public and the media, how important is the protection of intellectual property rights, and talk about the risks and consequences of production, distribution and purchase of counterfeit goods on the economy and population. Antonina Pakharenko-Anderson